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About me

Hello there! I’m Michael Lesniak.

Navigating through the world of code, I’ve etched my footprint as a software engineer, accumulating rich experiences across diverse domains. Over the years, I’ve donned various hats in software development, from crafting meticulous code to steering enthusiastic development teams towards success. If you’re seeking someone with deep expertise in software architecture, multiple programming languages, and frameworks, you’ve stumbled upon the right person. But it’s not just about the technical prowess; it’s about the heart behind every line of code. I’m an ardent advocate for the principles of the software craftsmanship movement, with an unwavering passion for continuous improvement and code quality.

Outside the digital corridors of ones and zeros, I immerse myself in the world of books, especially those dwelling on technical and programming subjects. But the learning doesn’t stop there! I believe in balancing the mental with the physical, and that’s where my love for hiking, yoga, and climbing comes into play. And if you spot me on one of those trails, you’ll likely find my loyal canine companion, Suki, trotting along beside me.

This blog is more than just a space on the internet. It’s my digital canvas where I paint the picture of my technical abilities and share the intricate details of the fascinating projects I’ve embarked on. If you share an appetite for pragmatic, innovative solutions, and a curiosity for the art of programming, you’re in for a treat.