Project ideas

2020-11-01 16:38 #projects

This is a list of project ideas which might become a Forever Project. The numbering has no direct meaning but serves more as a kind of of counter since my plan is to generate 100 ideas as fast as possible.

  1. Procedural city builder
  2. C-Compiler
  3. RasberryPi Home Server
  4. Simple kernel which boots in QEmu
  5. Tetris game
  6. Chess engine
  7. RogueLike
  8. Tree (botanic) generator
  9. Physic simulation
  10. Guitar tuner
  11. Procedural plant generator
  12. Micromachines-like multiplayer racing game
  13. Go-interpreter
  14. Bridge simulator
  15. SQL engine
  16. Interactive live-coding music generator
  17. 4X exploration game